Paper Submission

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission was closed on January 15, 2010.

Full Paper Submission

The selected papers presented at this GTWS-6 will be published as a book at the end of this year or beginning of next year by Kyoto University Press. After the publication, the papers in the book will be available in the Kyoto University Research Information Repository. The publishing schedule is as follows:

 Deadline for submission of manuscript:July 31, 2010
 Deadline for paper review:September 30, 2010
 Deadline for final manuscript:November 30, 2010
 Publication:December, 2010 or January 2011

Please submit your paper in MS Word format together with its pdf file to by following the template and style guide by the end of July. We strongly recommend you to use MS Word, but we can accept the paper in LaTex format if you have trouble to use MS Word. You can download the template files in MS Word and LaTex formats from the links below. It should be noted that the appearance of the paper generated by using the LaTex format is different from that by using the MS Word format, so that the appearance of the paper generated by LaTex will be modified by editors and publisher once the paper is accepted.

MS Word formatTemplate (Word file, 1.4MB)
Style guide (Word file, 41KB)
LaTex formatTemplate with style files (LZH file, 1.6MB)

The maximum pages including figures and tables in a paper are 12 pages. Please note that all figures must be supplied in black and white for the book, although the colored figures will be available in the CD-ROM which will be supplied with the book.