Arriving in Kyoto

Japan takes the 'far' out of the Far Est!
Time required to reach KIX

Kyoto is located in the centre of Japan and easily accessible from all the international gateways by the legendary transport network. Flights from American and European countries take 10-12 hours, while those of Australia and other Asian countries are even shorter. From Kansai International Airport (KIX), it takes about 75 minutes by JR Haruka Luxury Express Train and 95 minutes by Limousine Bus or Shuttle Taxi. To find the routes from other Japanese airports, click on the website at Kyoto Convention Bureau. The following is copied from the website by permission of Kyoto Convention Bureau.

Closest International Airport

JR Haruka Luxury Express Train75 minJPY 2,980
Limousine Bus95 minJPY2,300
Shuttle Taxi95 minJPY3,500

The Kansai International Airport (KIX), located slightly over an hour away from Kyoto, is the most-used international airport in Japan after Tokyo. More than fifty airlines from over seventy different cities throughout the world serve KIX with approximately seven hundred departures per week. Flight time from KIX varies around ten hours from points within Europe - almost the same amount of time it would take to reach the West Coast of the USA. At just ten years old, this airport maintains its air of newness and travellers find a real pleasure in their first unhurried steps on Japanese soil at this gateway.

Access Via Other Japanese Airports

Limousine Bus55 minJPY1,280
Shuttle Taxi55 minJPY2,300

Flights from airports in the Tokyo area, including Narita and Haneda, arrive at Itami airport about once an hour. From Itami airport, relax in a limousine bus or shuttle taxi, which takes only 55 minutes to arrive at Kyoto Station. (Japanese Only)

60 min &
2 hr 15 min
JPY 2,940 &

Guests arriving at New Tokyo International Airport (Narita) have the option of travelling over land or by air to the Kyoto area. The Narita Express (NEX) train from Narita Airport takes 53 minutes to arrive at Tokyo station, where the famous Shinkansen (bullet train) departs. The Shinkansen ride to Kyoto Station is just 2 hours and 15 minutes.
Flights from Narita to Itami airport are approximately one hour long.

Meitetsu &
28 min &
36 min
JPY 850 &

Centrair is the newest international airport in Japan that opened in 2005. It follows the Kansai International Airport model of locating on a purpose-built island. It is a swift 28 minutes from central Nagoya. Access onwards from Nagoya to Kyoto is 36 minutes, just one stop on the Shinkansen bullet train.

Shinkansen2 hr 44 minJPY14,700

Take the subway to Hakata Station (11 minutes), and transfer to the famous Shinkansen (bullet train). The Shinkansen arrives at Kyoto Station in less than three hours.

Correct as of March 2008. Train fares display lowest price for seating without reservation.