Invited and Keynote Lectures

Invited Lectures

  • J.C.R. Hunt (University College London, UK) with S.E. Belcher, D.D. Stretch, S.G. Sajjadi and J. Clegg
    "Turbulence Dynamics across Gas-Liquid Interfaces"
  • W.R. McGillis (Columbia University, USA)
    "Air-Water Gas Transfer in the Environment: Achievements and Challenges"
  • J.L. Sarmiento (Princeton University, USA) with J. Majkut, S. Mikaloff-Fletcher, K.B. Rodgers, R. Slater and C. Sweeney
    "The Influence of Different Reanalysis Wind Products on the Spatio-Temporal Variability of the Air-Sea Flux of CO2 and 14CO2"

Keynote Lectures

  • S. Banerjee (City college of New York) with D. Turney
    "Near Surface Turbulence and Its Relationship to Air-Water Gas Transfer Rates"
  • J.S. Gulliver (University of Minnesota) with J.P. Giovannettone
    "Gas Transfer from Bubble Swarms"
  • P.S. Liss (University of East Anglia)
    "Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions: What Goes Up Must Come Down (and Vice Versa)"
  • R. Rocholz (University of Heidelberg) with B. Jähne
    "Investigating the Mechanisms of Air-Water Gas Transfer by Quantitative Imaging Techniques: History, Current Progress and Remaining Challenges"
  • A. Rutgersson (Uppsala University) with A. Smedman and E. Sahlée
    "Including Mixed Layer Convection When Determining Air-Sea CO2 Transfer Velocity"
  • K. Takahashi (Earth Simulator Center, JAMSTEC) with R. Onishi, T. Sugimura, Y. Baba, S. Kida, K. Goto and H. Fuchigami
    "Impacts of Atmosphere-Ocean Coupled Interaction in Typhoon Simulations on the Earth Simulator"
  • J.G. Wissink (Brunel University) with H. Herlina and G.H. Jirka
    "Direct Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Mass-Transfer with Far-Field Homogeneous Turbulent Flow"
  • C.J. Zappa (Columbia University) with W.R. McGillis, A. Cifuentes-Lorenzen, J.B. Edson, M. DeGrandpre, C. Sabine, L. Bariteau and C. Fairall
    "Influence of Ocean Surface Processes on Gas Transfer during the Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Experiment"