Papers from both the geophysical areas (chemical and physical oceanography, atmospheric sciences) and engineering areas (civil, mechanical, chemical, environmental and nuclear engineering) are encouraged to apply.

Symposium topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Laboratory and numerical studies on interfacial turbulence and air-water scalar transfer
  • Physical effects including wave breaking, bubbles, raindrops, buoyancy, and surfactants on air-water scalar transfer
  • Advanced field observations of air-sea scalar exchange rates
  • Biological effects on scalar transfer at the air-water interface
  • Advanced measuring techniques for air-water scalar flux
  • Environmental problems related to air-water scalar transfer
  • Remote sensing for large-scale air-water scalar transfer
  • Recent progress in global simulation and modeling of air-sea scalar exchange
  • Recent industrial problems related to air-water scalar transfer

*Scalar transfer includes both mass (gas) and heat transfer.