What's new?

Dr. Pillai has become an assistant professor of our lab (Member page).
Member page was updated.
Member page was updated.
Dr. Ahmed (Newcastle University, UK) will stay in our laboratory as a JSPS researcher from 9th October to 8th November.
Member page was updated.
An article on our combustion research was published in “Scientific Computing(external links)”.
Prof. Chakraborty (Newcastle University, UK) is staying in our laboratory as a JSPS visiting researcher during June 14 to July 20 (photo).
Our laboratory has been changed.

DNS of spray flame propagation

Hybrid simulation of micro bubble and shockwave

DNS of liquid atomization in cross flow

Interaction between droplet and wall

DNS of combustion noise

Evaporation process in quasi-two-dimensional fluid

DNS of flashback

Penetration of liquid jet

About our laboratory

Thermal Science and Engineering Lab (TSEL): The principal objectives of the TSEL are to understand the physical aspects of thermodynamic, heat transport and radiative properties of fluid and solid matters on the basis of thermodynamics, thermal conductology, fluid dynamics, spectroscopy and electrodynamics, and to elucidate the complex phenomena including them, from nanoscale to macroscale. In addition, based on such basic researches, applied researches on the developments and advancements of technologies of numerical simulations and measurements to support “industrial innovations” are conducted.